Carers Tell of Financial Pressures

19th September 2019

39% of unpaid carers say they are struggling to make ends meet.

68% are using their own income or savings to cover the cost of care, equipment or products for the person they care for.

21% are in debt as a result of caring.  Some have had to leave work  and others reduce their hours in order to provide unpaid care.  Many have cut back on seeing family and friends because they cannot afford it.  This affects their mental wellbeing.

These figures come from a 2019 national survey run by Carers UK and are quoted in an article by local charity Carers’ Resource.  The full article can be found here.

Carers are just one of the groups of people who come to our foodbank in need of the basic essentials to survive.  The above figures indicate why.  Please help us to support them by donating food or money or your time.  Thank you.



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