Thank You, Bradford!

24th May 2022

Bradford North Foodbank would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the people of Bradford. Thank You for all the food donations, for all the Harvest & Christmas food collections donated & for your continued support throughout the years and particularly during the pandemic. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

It is Bradford’s individuals, families, schools, churches and local businesses supporting us with donations; our partner agencies from the statutory, charity and private sectors making referrals and the ongoing support and encouragement from the  Trussell Trust that enables us to provide our service to people who need it.

The need for food parcel support has sadly only increased year on year since the charity began. Now more than ever we are seeing this need grow. With the ending of the uplift in Universal Credit, the furlough scheme ending, the cost of utilities increasing along with fuel costs and inflation pushing up food prices more and more individuals and families are struggling financially meaning the charity is issuing more and more food parcels than ever before. Many of those accessing the Foodbank are on benefits but there are many that are in work also.

Bradford North Foodbank, part of the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network has been in operation since 2015 supporting the people of Bradford and Aireborough with food parcels and signposting information. We have done this alongside our two sister Trussell Trust Foodbanks, Bradford Central & Wyke Foodbank.

Bradford North Foodbank has five foodbank centres. They are located at; Shipley Baptist Church, Christchurch Windhill, St Luke’s Church, Church on The Way and Trinity Church.

Since 2015 the people of Bradford have consistently donated food & money to us helping us to support those most in need in our communities. With your help and that of the range of professional partner agencies making referrals to the Foodbank for those individuals and families in crisis and need, we have used the 235 tonnes of food you’ve donated to provide over 10,000 food parcels to 3,277 households since 2015.

If anyone new would like to know more about what we or would like to learn about the different ways in which you can support and donate food or money, then please visit our website;

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