About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

Bradford North Foodbank was initially set up by volunteers from St Luke’s Eccleshill, St Cuthbert’s Wrose, Bolton St James, St Andrew’s Methodist Church Undercliffe, Bolton Methodist Church, Calverley Methodist Church, St Francis RC Church Eccleshill, Church on the Way and The Shipley Food Project. The project has strengthened bonds between different churches and enables us all to live out Jesus’ teaching to help those in need.

The first Trussell Trust foodbank in Bradford (Bradford Trussell Trust Foodbank) was based at the Light Church in central Bradford.  It opened in November 2010 and covered all Bradford postcodes.  It was ideally positioned for Bradford buses, being within easy walking distance of Bradford Interchange.  However, by November 2013 demand became so great that a decision was made to become a foodbank for central Bradford postcodes only, with a change of name to Bradford Central Foodbank, starting April 2014.

Bradford North Foodbank was started to cover some of the northern postcodes no longer served by Bradford Central Foodbank.  Initially, we signed up as Bradford Northeast Foodbank for BD2, BD10, Wrose and Calverley.  However, we were then approached by The Shipley Food Project with a view to including BD18.  After discussions, we changed our name to Bradford North Foodbank and our postcode coverage expanded to include BD18, BD17 and BD9.  We also included LS19 as a possible area for future coverage.

There is no central bus hub in the outer Bradford postcodes, so we operate on a neighbourhood foodbank centre system. Our first three foodbank centres (FBCs) opened in 2015.  In early 2017 we opened a foodbank centre in Rawdon, LS19 and expanded our range to include Rawdon, Yeadon and Guiseley in NW Leeds.  Increased demand in Windhill, part of Shipley, led to a new FBC opening in October 2017.

For the first five years we were entirely volunteer run (trustees, manager, administrative assistants, foodbank centre teams, warehouse teams etc.), with volunteers coming from both church and non-church backgrounds.  In summer 2019 the trustees employed a part-time manager to facilitate the sustainability and resilience of the foodbank as demand increases.

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