Our Biggest Christmas Hamper Project Ever! Updated

18th December 2019

We have just finished producing 186 Christmas Hampers containing Christmas food items – 41 more than last year.   118 hampers were for families with children. In partnership with the Bradford Cinderella Club and other local groups, we include a shoebox of gifts (Hat, gloves, socks, toiletries, sweets and games / activities) for each child.  99 of our hampers were accompanied by one of our three day food parcels providing a balanced mix of food for three days.

Local businesses, schools, community groups and individuals have been incredibly generous donating over 2.5 tonnes of food and Christmas goodies this year.  On behalf of all those who have benefited, a HUGE thank you.

Update on 31/1/2020

We always have a few late requests and it has taken a while to input all the data, but here are the final statistics for our 2019 Christmas Hamper Project:

Total food donated for the Christmas Appeal: just over SIX TONNES

Local agencies nominate households for hampers and this year we gave out…

  • 120 hampers (75 with food parcels) to families with children
  • 68 hampers (26 with food parcels) to to adult-only households

300 children received a wrapped shoebox of presents, courtesy of the Bradford Cinderella Club.

Volunteer teams from various local businesses came to help sort the food donations and prepare both hampers and food parcels.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported our project in 2019.  Here are some quotes from those who benefited:

“I was so depressed wondering what I was going to do.  This makes me feel so much better.”

“By having this it means I can still pay my bills and I’ll have money for the gas meter.”

“A massive thank you!”

“My children will be so excited to get some Christmas presents.”

Children have said: “This is the best Christmas ever!”



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