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Volunteers are the life blood of foodbanks. Does the increase in poverty in the UK upset you? Are you keen to help local people who are experiencing difficult times? Your skills could be just what we need.

Volunteers are the driving force behind foodbanks. There are thousands of volunteers across the UK, helping The Trussell Trust Foodbank Network get emergency food to people in crisis. At Bradford North Foodbank, even though we have approximately 100 regular volunteers there are still opportunities.  We want you to enjoy volunteering and there are lots of ways to get involved. Whatever role you choose, you will make a real difference to the life of local people in crisis.



If you are interested in volunteering for any of the roles below, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! Alternatively download our Volunteer Application Form and send it to us at [email protected]. You may wish to read our privacy policy before applying.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Van Drivers & Van Mates

We are currently recruiting for at least two volunteers to drive our van and help out with loading orders on and off the van,collect donations & help deliver food orders to our foodbank centres.  Please note that this role does require lots of lifting and some heavy lifting.

Foodbank Centre Volunteers

We are currently recruiting volunteers to support at our foodbank centres. These roles will involve roles such as helping to make up food parcels, signposting support for clients accessing the foodbank centre and helping in the kitchen.


Food Splitting Specialists.

Responsible for dividing & splitting into smaller quantities/packetsa nd labelling these items once split dow. This will include a variety of food items and non food items, such as: sugar, laundry powder, dog and cat food, washing up liquid. 


Warehouse Volunteers:

  1. Regular Sessions at our Main Warehouse: We need help to weigh in, sort and store donated food before it’s made into food orders to go out to the foodbank centres.  We are also looking for reserve volunteers to cover holidays and for additional sessions at peak times such as harvest & Christmas.
  2. Food-splitting Specialist: responsible for dividing certain products (e.g. sugar, laundry powder, washing-up liquid, dry dog food) into smaller size packets and labeling them with essential information.


Trustees are responsible for overseeing the work of our foodbank, setting our overall vision and strategy and ensuring that our team are supported to carry it out. It’s an exciting opportunity to input your ideas and experience into the strategic direction and governance of a foodbank supporting people in North Bradford and Aireborough.

We are particularly looking for Trustees with experience in Safeguarding or HR, but all experience and skills will be considered.

Trustees ensure that the charity, and its representatives, function within the legal and regulatory framework of the sector and in line with the organisation’s governing document, continually striving for best practice in governance, and determining the overall direction and development of the charity through good governance and clear strategic planning. They do this in a way that adds to public confidence and trust in the charity and its reputation.

The main duties of the Trustee role are:

  • Ensuring the charity complies with legislative and regulatory requirements, and acts within the confines of its governing document and in furtherance to organisational activities contained therein.
  • Acting in the best interest of the charity, beneficiaries and future beneficiaries at all times.
  • Promoting and developing the charity in order for it to grow and maintain relevance to society.
  • Maintaining sound financial management of the charity’s resources, ensuring expenditure is in line with the organisation’s objects, and investment activities meet accepted standards and policies.
  • Interviewing, appointing and monitoring the activities of senior paid staff.
  • Ensuring the effective and efficient administration of the charity and its resources, acting as a counter-signatory on charity cheques and any applications for funds, if required.
  • To maintain absolute confidentiality about all sensitive/confidential information received in the course of trustee’s responsibilities to the charity.

Previous Trustee experience is not necessary and this is could be a great opportunity for the right skills to offer, and a passion for ensuring that nobody goes hungry, to take their first foray into Trusteeship.

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